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At the point you purchase your cheques you will be asked by the retailer to sign the cheque. You need to ensure that the signature matches the signature on your Passport and/or driving licence. You will then be asked by the retailer to counter sign the cheque prior to them releasing goods or money to you. It is a requirement that you carry appropriate identity with you such as your passport.

The interesting development in the Travel Money business is the Travellers Cheque Card. This card is accepted as a method payment in millions of shops, Restaurants and ATMís Worldwide. It works by you prepaying in the same way as a mobile phone card but instead of buying credits you are buying foreign money. You can purchase any European currency including the EURO. American Express offers the product so it will come as no surprise that you can also buy American Dollars (USD).

The Travellers cheque card allows you to add a maximum of £3000 (or equivalent) in any 14-day period. Whenever or wherever you need to add money you can, providing a real benefit to the cardholder.

This type of Travel Money isnít cash so no matter how American Express bundle it up it still ainít cash! You may also ask ĎIts no different to a credit card?í itís like a credit card but adding money before you travel has one great advantage i.e. you can lock into a competitive exchange before you travel thus avoiding variable credit card exchange rates and charges.

Other features include; refundable within 24 hours if card goes missing and the funds will never expire.

With the backing of American Express and their one stop shop customer care telephone line I am sure this type of product is a winner.